Duane Park is a tiny and mighty neighborhood treasure.

At Friends of Duane Park, our mission is to restore, to preserve, and to beautify Duane Park, and to build a community that cares for our park and other public spaces in Tribeca through education, outreach, programming, and gardening.

Friends of Duane Park
James Duane

Duane Park’s history is wonderfully interesting with its many changes in ownership and design. By the 1990’s the park had fallen into a state of woeful neglect, so a group of neighbors assembled in 1994 to create Friends of Duane Park, a tax-exempt organization, to protect, clean, beautify, and contribute to the maintenance and restoration of Duane Park, as well as other public spaces in the neighborhood. Relying on annual gifts, support from community leaders, and community events, Friends of Duane Park stepped up the maintenance of the park, planned and planted a major restoration and re-landscaping including new benches and historic lamps, and launched the Trees for Tribeca program.

Today, Duane Park is clean and well kept. A spectacular display of spring bulbs delight neighbors and visitors alike. The trees provide a welcoming shade canopy in the summer and a grand structure in the depths of winter. Duane Park is often the setting for feature and independent films, as well as community events that support local schools.

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